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Flexible staffing and warehouse operation solutions

Flexible staffing solutions, managed process operation and managed site solutions.

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Dedicated operation and staffing solutions for warehouses and terminals

Our operation concept is based on close cooperation with our clients. Together, we work actively to challenge and elevate the business.

Our specialization and clear focus on delivering the market's most efficient operation solutions within logistics have given us the trust to collaborate with the most prominent and demanding clients in their industry. Performance and continuous development are ensured through operational specialist competences in management, flow and process development, automation and IT.

We believe in measuring and monitoring performance and development. This is made possible through a tailored and unique digital platform, which offers a seamless client experience that allows for integration of planning, execution and follow-up.

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Flexible staffing solutions

Managed process operation

Managed site solutions

Flexible staffing solutions

We're providing staffing to warehouse and terminal operations. Through our clear focus and specialization, we offer a high-quality and flexible staffing solution.

Hiring staff is an effective way to increase flexibility in your business. This could, for example, involve managing temporary work peaks during the day, week or season. Taking into account the needs of the assignment's unique conditions, we make sure that the staff you hire has the right skills and prerequisites to succeed. It is our responsibility to ensure that we deliver the right capacity and competence when needed.

We believe in measuring and following up performance and development. With proprietary tools for monitoring and reporting relevant KPIs, we can, together with you as the client, continuously evaluate and develop our service.

When you hire staff from us, you should feel safe. We are an authorized staffing company that never compromises on our responsibility towards our employees. Our goal is to be the industry's most attractive employer.

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Managed process operation

Managed process operation means that we are responsible for and operate individual processes or functions in your warehouse or terminal operations.

The price model in our managed process operation is based on the outcome in terms of quality and efficiency. We are commited to continuous improvement and together with our clients we're making decisions about appropriate measures and development initiatives. Typical processes and functions for managed process operation is goods recieving, return handling or picking and packing.

For you as a client, a managed process operation means fewer planning activities and reduced complexity in your business, combined with an increased focus on efficiency and quality in relevant processes or functions.

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Managed site solutions

Managed site solutions means full responsibility for the clients’ warehousing and terminal sites in the clients’ own facilities,

Considering your specific business needs and requirements, a dedicated operating solution is designed to achieve the right costs and service performance. Together with you as the client, we work actively and in a structured manner with continuous improvements. As your operation and competence partner, we are always careful to measure and follow-up performance and development using our own tailored tools and methods. For you as a client, our overall managed site solution means quality, efficiency and, not least, control.

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